Registration and Booking

39th International LAUD-Symposium

Multilingualism in Africa: Language contact, endangerment and cultural conceptualisation


Conference dates: 21-24 August, 2023

Conference venue: Butenschoen-Haus (Luitpoldstraße 8, 76829 Landau/Pfalz, Germany)


This website guides you through the registration process and the online-booking platform (payment of conference fees, accommodation at the conference hotel, etc.). Registration and the booking options are restricted to accepted speakers and guests at the conference. Please follow the two steps below. Note that the registration/booking window will close on 5 Aug, 2023, 12pm.


Step 1. Online registration

Please fill in the form on our registration platform. You will be asked to provide the information we need for the adminstration of the conference (e.g., your home address, the length of your stay at our conference venue Butenschoen-Haus, special dietary requirements, a short bio that can serve as an introduction of your person before your talk). When you have completed the form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. The actual payment of the conference fees and the booking of accommodation occur in step 2.

Note that the registration window will close on 5 Aug, 2023, 12pm. If you miss this deadline, please contact us per e-mail.


Link to the online registration form:


Step 2. Booking platform

Our conference venue is Butenschoen-Haus. We secured your accommodation at this conference hotel. Via this booking platform, you can pay your conference fees as well as book and pay for the accommodation at Butenschoen-Haus. You can also book lunch tickets. On the platform, these booking options are marked by the respective icons.

Note that the booking window will close on 5 Aug, 2023, 12pm. If you miss this deadline, please contact us per e-mail.


Conference fees

"Regular fee" (90.00 EUR)

  • on-site speakers (with the exception of students and PhD students)
  • guest attendees not giving a talk (with the exception of students and PhD students)

"Reduced fee" (45.00 EUR) 

  • students and PhD students
  • all online speakers

Note that if you cancel your participation, the conference fees will not be returned.


Accommodation at Butenschoen-Haus

We secured a sufficient amount of rooms at Butenschoen-Haus from 20 August to 24 August, at a rate of 64.00 EUR per night (including breakfast). Please select the number of nights you wish to book at Butenschoen-Haus, irrespective of the exact dates of your stay (you have already indicated the date of arrival/departure in step 1).

Note that if you cancel your room booking, a cancellation fee (40%) will apply.


Lunch at Butenschoen-Haus

We are happy to invite you to lunch on 21 August. If you wish to have lunch at Butenschoen-Haus on the other conference days, please select the respective number of meals. The rate per meal is 16.50 EUR.

Note that if you cancel your lunch booking later than 15 Aug, 12pm, a cancellation fee will apply.


Link to the online booking platform:

(Depending on which browser you are using, you might need to press the refresh button to see all tickets. We apologise for the inconvenience.)

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