Prof. Dr. Tim Kaiser

Head of the Division of Business and Economics

Professor of Economics, especially Economics of Education and Economic Education

Consultation hours

After prior agreement per e-mail


Institut für Sozialwissenschaften
Abteilung Wirtschaftswissenschaft
August-Croissant-Str. 5
76829 Landau

Research focus

  • Economics of Education
  • Development Economics
  • Household Finance

Personal data

Selected Publications

  • Kaiser, Tim; Lusardi, Annamaria; Menkhoff, Lukas and Carly Urban (2022). Financial education affects financial knowledge and downstream behaviors. Journal of Financial Economics, 145(2): 255-272.
  • Kaiser, Tim and Lukas Menkhoff (2022). Active learning improves financial education: Experimental evidence. Journal of Development Economics, 157, 102870.
  • Kaiser, Tim and Lukas Menkhoff (2017). Does financial education impact financial literacy and financial behavior, and if so, when? World Bank Economic Review, 31(3): 611—630.
  • Kaiser, Tim and Lukas Menkhoff (2020). Financial education in schools: A meta-analysis of experimental studies. Economics of Education Review, 78, 101930.
  • Oberrauch, Luis; Kaiser, Tim and Günther Seeber (2023). Measuring economic competence of youth with a short scale. Journal of Economic Psychology, 97, 102633.
  • Oberrauch, Luis and Tim Kaiser (2022). Cognitive ability, financial literacy, and narrow bracketing in time-preference elicitation. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 98, 101844.
  • Kaiser, Tim; Seeber, Günther and Luis Oberrauch (2020). Measuring economic competence of secondary school students in Germany. Journal of Economic Education, 51(3-4): 227—242.
  • Oberrauch, Luis and Tim Kaiser (2020). Economic competence in early secondary school: Evidence from a large-scale assessment in Germany. International Review of Economics Education, 35, 100172.