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Why did the suffragists wear medieval clothing? Were George Washington’s teeth really taken from enslaved people? Why are horse skulls buried underneath Irish cottages? And does it have anything to do with the White Horse at Uffington?

When researching for a research paper or thesis, one vital resource I never fail to mention is a online non-profit data base for academic papers on all kinds of topics and from a range of various disciplines. Especially their advanced search option provides a great tool to quickly familiarise yourself with past and current research on next to any topic at hand. Since the University of Koblenz-Landau also provides (albeit limited) access to downloadable articles and book-chapters, Jstor is really an indispensable tool in these times of temporarily closed libraries and distant learning.

For a while now, Jstor has provided a service called JstorDaily which is a blog that contextualises current events with up-to-date scholarship. In referring to the content available at, you thus get topical blog entries that have scholarly merit with directly quotable and valid sources. Many of these entries focus on topics that are at the heart of Cultural Studies, such as Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Social Class, Popular Culture, Identity and other topics (see also the aforementioned entries in the sub-headline). They are thus a valid resource when thinking about a topic for your next research paper or, indeed, thesis. Signing up for the newsletter will in turn ensure that you are “fed” these contents on a weekly or monthly basis providing you with free wisdom on the go!

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