Analysis of Milka’s Advertisement

February 10, 2022

by Uyen Nghi, Nina, Tiedje, Paul Wettel & Anonymous

Take a good look of the analysed image before delving into the student’s analysis of it!

Image & Color

  • The scenery of the Alps brings the feeling of freedom, peace and melancholy to the audience.
  • It carries a certain memory of childhood and ache for these times with it which can often be seen in their other advertisements.
  • On top of that, the brand wants to signal to the audience that the milk in their chocolate bars comes from merry cows.
  • The first thing to catch the eye is the color purple, the signature color of Milka. It represents creativity, luxury and peace which makes the product appeal to all people.
  • Purple is an eye-catching color. Traditionally, manufacturers prefer the color black, yellow or brown for the packaging of chocolate.
  • Because of that the color purple is almost exclusively associated with the brand.


  • The Slogan expresses that by consuming Milka you may be teleported to this idealized scenery of the Alps, seen in the back.
  • The scenery uses a simple but visible font. And thanks to its central position and bright color, it may just catch the consumer’s eye.
  • It satisfies a feeling of wanderlust as well as innocence and childhood. This is supported by the handwritten letters on the chocolate bar which gives the brand a feeling of authenticity.

In conclusion, although it can be difficult to create an advertisement that contains multiple layers of meaning and arouses the audience’s curiosity, Milka may have achieved just that with this advertisement!